MIMS: Mapping software designed to make your job easier

Easy to use, yet powerful

MIMS (Mapping and Information Managment System) is a full GIS mapping system sold exclusively by Computer Mapping Company. It is powerful GIS mapping software that includes database management tools that allow information to be connected to map features and then manipulated and processed. This combination in an integrated system gives you unparalleled tools for analyzing and displaying your information.

MIMS was designed with ease of use in mind. One of the ideas behind MIMS was that you should not have to be an expert or invest very much time learning to be able to produce accurate maps on a computer. MIMS is made to be easy so that you can focus on your map, not on learning the software! It accepts input in a way that “feels” natural to people. The program is so easy to learn and use that most people are producing final maps on their first day!

MIMS has many features customized for assessors.