Features Customized for Assessors

MIMS was originally designed as a flexible mapping program for any industry. After almost 30 years of working with assessors, we've customized many features just for them.

Features include:

  • Intuitive, easy options for mapping legal descriptions. 
  • Arc screen for mapping curves accurately.
  • Quarter section layers that can display any section division (i.e. divide the section into quarters, sixteenths, or smaller divisions).
  • Perform any analysis or task in any specified region or on features with selected attributes. 
  • Link to other assessors programs to import data
  • Link to database information about a feature.
  • Landuse calculations- compute the acreage of each soil type in each land cover class in each parcel of agricultural land.
  • Create a mailing list of all property owners within a specified distance of a project or hazard, even if there are many separate sites of irregular shapes.
  • Color-code maps by the year of the last sale, and label them with the sales price.
  • Conduct quality-control tests by finding inconsistencies between data sets, overlaps, gaps, size errors and so on. 
  • Flexible menus can be personalized to provide easy access to the options you use most.
  • Auto-save insures work is never lost.