More about MIMS


MIMS was designed by MIT graduate, Dr. Paul Bendt because he knew there had to be a way to write a better mapping program. The result was an easy-to-use program that is surprisingly powerful and versatile. MIMS was first released in 1988 and has undergone continual improvements since then. Customers still love the simple interface combined with the advanced mapping features they need.

Utility programs for advanced features

In addition to the main MIMS program, Paul designed a complete package of utility programs that can be used to provide powerful data analysis options, quality control, mailing lists, and other spatial analysis options. Examples of uses for these include checking that a parcel's database record has it listed as being in the same school district that it is actually mapped in or creating a mailing list of addresses within a specified radius of a certain feature.

There is also a seperate PLOT program to enable advanced printing options ideal for large maps, plat books and more.


MIMS files can be exported in several different formats and files from other mapping programs can be imported into MIMS as well. MIMS can also be linked with other programs to import database information or labels for features.

Features for assessors

MIMS was designed to be versatile enough for any industry, but after almost 30 years of working with assessors, we have added many features customized for assessors. For more information on MIMS, please contact us.